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Ride Along As This Race Car Driver Barely Avoids A Collision [VIDEO]


Marc Miller Car Crash Video

No, this isn’t a COED staffer trying to get out to Atlantic City on a Friday afternoon. This is driver Marc Miller of the CJ Wilson Racing team, and he’s showing off some sharp skills in his Mazda MX-5 at last weekend’s Continental Tire Series race at Road America. He’s doing a pretty good job of getting into a winning position when things suddenly go haywire. Check it out as Miller maneuvers past a potential big pileup and survives a lot better than we would.

The footage is courtesy of the fine folks at, and they have lots of amazing footage like this. Check out Miller’s rearview mirror during all this, and the Youtube comments have Miller noting that he ended up with more damage than he thought after getting past the carnage. Here’s the definition of a steely-eyed racing guy…

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