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Idaho Universities Are Cutting Way Back on Their Majors


university of idaho

Most public college systems are strapped for cash thanks to a decrease in public funding that only forces schools to raise tuition rates even higher on their students. Idaho, however, is so hard up for money that they are forced to start eliminating entire degree plans out of their curriculum.

Boise State Public Radio reported that Idaho’s public college system is considering eliminating 13 college majors from their ranks in order to save money for the coming school year. The Idaho State Board of Education put every major under a microscope and came up with a list of degree plans that they claim were not in high demand or showed little return on their investment. The cuts, if enacted, would most definitely lead to a massive wave of staff layoffs as well. Here is the full list of recommended majors that may go on the chopping block…

  • Bachelor of University Studies
  • BA in French
  • BA in German
  • Interdisciplinary MA degree in the Humanities and Social Science fields
  • Master of Education with Child/Family Studies emphasis
  • Department of School Psychology, Literacy, and Special Education
  • All non-health related programs at Meridian campus
  • Musical Theater -B.F.A
  • American Studies – B.A., B.S
  • Medical Technology -B.S.
  • Environmental Engineering -M.S., M.Engr
  • Art – M.A.T.
  • English – M.A.T.

The board also recommended eliminating entire departments from certain schools such as Boise State’s College of Social Sciences and Public Affairs and moving them to other campuses, and the closing of the University of Idaho’s Office of Community Partnerships.

It sounds like they need more “university studies” if they can’t figure out how to properly budget the money they already have. Also, does it sound safe not having any environmental engineering majors in a state that provides the world with a stockpile of tasty, homegrown potatoes?

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