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College Tuition Is Getting Too Damn High (And More Than You Know)



Here’s a story that anyone who had to pay their college tuition bill recently won’t find all that surprising: College has gotten ridiculously expensive. However, the “how much” part might come as quite a shock to you. [Image via 401(K) 2013/Flickr]

According to the College Board, the rate of tuition and the basic fees just for a four-year degree at a public university has gone up 27 percent beyond the rate of inflation just in the last five years. It’s also tripled in the last three decades to an average rate of $30,000 per year, despite the fact that we’re still recovering from a massive recession. That’s leaving a lot of families with fewer and fewer options to send their kids to college as they scramble for any aid assistance or scholarship money they can find before saddling their little ones with massive debts that they’ll take the rest of their life off to pay. However, it’s all to make sure they make an average of $17,500 more than those who enter the workforce with just a high school education.

Of course, some students are crafty enough to come up with their own way to pay for college–like Duke University’s Belle Knox, who was outed and then went public about her part time career as a porn star. So parents, unless you want a student body who has to use their, um, bodies to pay for school, now might be a good time to call someone with some power to fix this and tell them to get on the ball, so to speak.

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