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Most Racist/Offensive Names Of Places That Exist In The World Today


World's Most Racist-Offensive Names Of Places That Exist Today

There’s a silver lining to the fact that the United States has some pretty racist names for places and towns–we’re not the only ones! Both Spain and France currently have names for locations that sound 100% racist and offensive.

It was only a couple of years ago that the United States had landmarks and towns with the words N****, Wop, Beaner, Jew, Squaw, and Dago, etc. in them, but recent efforts to rename the locations have seen a large majority of these names change to ones that are more modern. Of course a good amount of people became upset at the change (just look at the comment section on this post), but you can’t please everyone. Just take comfort in the fact that we share something in common with the French and Spanish.

In the list below, we found the five most offensive/racist/anti-semitic names for towns that currently exist today. We’ve included photos, links to their location on Google Maps, and a little history about the town.

Offensive Town Names1-1

La Mort Aux Juifs (“Death To The Jews“)

Country: France | Google Map Link

A small French hamlet, has been the subject of a lot of attention considering it’s only made up of a few houses and a single farm. Perhaps it’s because it’s name literally translates to “Death to the Jews.” OK, it’s definitely because of that.

The Deputy Mayor Marie-Elizabeth Secretand told the Agence France-Presse, “It’s ridiculous. This name has always existed. No one has anything against the Jews, of course. It doesn’t surprise me that this is coming up again.” Why do you think that is Marie?

Offensive Town Names2

Darkey Springs

Country: USA | Google Map Link

Darkey Springs was originally named “Dark Springs” until a slave trader started doing business there in 1820 (source). Furthermore, does it really surprise anyone that this place is located in White Springs, Tennessee?

Offensive Town Names3-1

Castrillo de Matajudíos (“Fort Kill The Jews”)

Country: Spain | Google Map Link

Full disclosure, the town of Castrillo de Matajudios just voted to change their name to something else–it’s just going to take a year to complete the process. Not a bad move for a town in Spain, a country that expelled the entire Jewish population en masse in 1492.

A good amount of Jewish people have moved back to “Fort Kill The Jews” since 1492, so it’s kind of strange that the name change didn’t occur faster.

Offensive Town Names4

Negro Mountain

Country: USA | Google Map Link

Negro Mountain isn’t just one mountain, but a range of mountains totaling 30 miles that stretch from Maryland to Pennsylvania. The peak, Mount Davis, is actually the highest point in all of Pennsylvania.

The history of the name stems from a battle famed English pioneer Thomas Cresap had with some Native Americans. During the battle, one of Cresap’s slaves was mortally wounded and died protecting Cresap. The mountain is named in his honor. In fact, law professor and associate professor of African-American studies Christopher Bracey stated:

“I must confess I have a slightly different take on it… Here we have a mountain, whose name was intended to be a testament to Negro bravery. It seems rather crass and unsophisticated to name it Negro Mountain, but the intentions were strong.”

Negro Mountain one of a handful of locations in the United States with the name “Negro” (many of which were changed from N****r recently), but probably the most eye-catching. Probably because of the road sign you see above.

Offensive Town Names5


Country: USA | Google Map Link

The town of Nigton is small enough to have lost its’ post office (only 87 people lived there in 2000) but not to escape this list. And while yes, it was founded and named by African-Americans, the name Nigton is still very cringeworthy.

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