Meet the 2014-15 USF Sun Dolls Cheerleaders [PHOTOS]

USF SunDolls

Update: Apologies… seems like we jumped the gun. This is last year’s team. We’ll get the real 2014-2015 squad up ASAP.

No school in Florida is more hot right now than the University of South Florida and that goes double for their spirit squad, the USF Sun Dolls, who just announced their 2014-2015 roster.

The American Athletic Conference (where USF went after the Big East realigned) is wide open for the Bulls to rush through, and it certainly helps matters that they’re starting their season with a home game against Western Carolina. That’s about the only easy game on their schedule though, as their team will have a pretty tough out-of-conference schedule ahead of them.

Nothing some hot chicks from Florida can’t help them overcome though, right?

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