That Passed Out "Project P" Guy Gives Great Follow-Up Interview

And the saga of “Project P”–aka the best party Western Michigan has ever seen–continues. Enter Ray “Ratchet” Hulin a 27-year-old aspiring rapper of the group PartieBoiz who you may know better as the “kid” who was passed out on the ground at 4 PM the day after the party.

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I’m not going to go ahead and say that Ratchet gave a better interview than James Taylor, but I do want to give this guy some credit for using a handle of Black Velvet Whiskey ($12.49) as an impromptu cell phone to replace the two he lost at Project P.

Also, Ratchet, kudos for pulling yourself together and walking home for five hours. That explains why he needed to nap for so long–gathering the strength for that legendary walk of shame.

And now for some scenes from Project P.

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National S'mores Day Is Better With S'more Alcohol [RECIPES]
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