National S'mores Day Is Better With S'more Alcohol [RECIPES]

We pity anyone that didn’t grow up with S’mores as a part of their childhood, but even those who are late to the party can catch up today as it’s National S’mores Day. This simple confectionary classic is a campfire favorite made, in its most basic form, with graham crackers, marshmallow, and chocolate. Living in the day and age of the gourmand, however, has seen this timeless treat evolve into an epicurean delight.
Everywhere you look, there are S’mores flavored products from Pop Tarts to energy bars–and even S’mores flavored vodka and schnapps. This means that you can not only enjoy edible variations on your childhood, but you can even imbibe them too. Check out some of our favorite s’mores related recipes below. Click on the link, and turn the waning days of summer into a trip down memory lane…

Flaming S’mores Cocktail

This one’s got a lot of ingredients, but is incredibly simple to make.

S’moretini Shooters

These are a little more labor intensive, but well worth the effort

Starbucks S’mores Frappucino

Straight from the Starbucks Secret Menu of legend, this non-alcoholic treat is for those with an extreme sweet tooth.

S’mores Pudding Shots

These are absolutely the stuff that dreams are made of.

S’mores Fudge Bars

These are the most labor intensive treats of all, but if you have a girlfriend that’s into baking, these are more than worth the effort.

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