There Are a Million Uses for SOLO Cups, And Here's Six of Them [VIDEO]

SOLO cups are truly magical. They aren’t just plastic cylinders that hold your drink. They are field goals for an ultimate showdown in an epic beer pong tournament. They are grasps at everlasting glory in a furious round of Flip Cup. The mere sight of them is the sign of a good time. Someone found a way to make these chalices of epic parties even more epic.
Buzzfeed posted a video showing off just a few of the creative hacks you can do with a stack of SOLO cups for your next party or alcohol fueled get together. The video shows you a bunch of cool things you can do with these seemingly ordinary plastic cups. You can take some candlestick holders and turn a couple of SOLO cups into fancy, redneck wine glasses. You can cut out the bottom and place them around a string of Christmas lights to create some interesting party lights. You can stack them on a couple of plastic plates for a multi-tiered snack tray.
You can even turn a couple of cups into speakers in case you blew out your stereo from the last bitching beer party you threw. Grab a pen and some paper and get ready to write down these SOLO cup hacks for your next party. And, of course, SOLO cups are a major weekly investment here at the COED offices, so we’re looking forward to fooling around with these big ideas. We just have to remember not to use the cups first….

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