Sierra Nevada + Allagash Brewery's Myron's Walk Is What’s on Tap

In late, July cases of one of the most anticipated beer events/beers /collaborations started to appear in your local bars and beer distributors. In honor of Sierra Nevada Brewing (Chico, California) opening their second brewery in Asheville, North Carolina, Sierra Nevada partnered with a dozen exceptional craft breweries to create 12 different beers for one mixed 12-pack–including 10 bottles and two cans (another first in the craft beer world).

To help celebrate the release of the Beer Camp Case, Sierra Nevada also announced the Beer Camp festival, a 7-stop traveling beer fest in which every craft brewery in the country–more than 2,700–was invited to take part in a multi-weekend beer celebration! This weekend, Myron’s Walk Sierra Nevada’s Collaboration with Allagash Brewing is What’s on Tap!

Myron’s Walk is a Belgian Style Pale that combines what each brewery, Allagash and Sierra Nevada, does best. Allagash is known for their Belgian-style brews while Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale is one of the most constantly popular brewery for Pale Ales; Myron’s Walk is a great hybrid of styles.

Even before sipping there is a slight spicy pepperish and subtle hop presence that permeates the nose. On each sip there is a perfect balance between the yeast, malt, and hops. As I sip the beer I notice the spices and slight citrus, lemon?, taste more and more. While I am not a Belgian beer advocate I do find myself enjoying this brew; what makes it great is the balance and the lack of overpowering yeast that I find with many Belgian brews. There is a slight “wheaty” flavor to this brew but the malt and pale ale characteristics quickly come through.

Though a one-off this beer is a great summertime cross-over beer. It is light, drinkable, and refreshing. There is just enough of a flavor profile to enjoy yet not enough to not open another! As the summer starts to wane enjoy every day and night like a fine brew! This weekend I am grilling some swordfish and toasting to arguably the greatest summer camp ever!

Beer Stats:

Style: Hybrid – Belgian Pale Ale

Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 5.3%

Bitterness (IBUs): 38

Color: Cloudy Hazy Golden

Yeast: Belgian

Hops: Bittering – Bravo; Finishing – Cascade, Citra, Mosaic

Malts: Two-row Pale, Unmalted, Wheat, Munich, Victory

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