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The Slo-Mo Guys Finally Film Slow-Motion Vomiting [VIDEO]


slo mo vomit

The super slow-motion camera crew known as The Slo-Mo Guys keep getting requests from their fans to do a video of someone puking their guts out for their cameras. They finally relented.

Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy, the hosts and curators of The Slo-Mo Guys’ YouTube channel, set up their cameras in their backyard, put down a lot of tarps and had Daniel sit down and chug as much milk as he could to make himself sick. We’re assuming that Gavin and Dan played “Rock, Paper, Scissors” or something to decide which one of them would be the guy to chunder on cue or maybe Dan just owes Gavin a really big favor because milk is one of the worst things a man can puke. We’d rather chug a whole gallon of hot sauce because not only would the taste of recycled hot sauce be slightly better but eventually, the pain would numb your entire face.

Most of the stuff these guys film in slow motion may look messy or disgusting in normal speed but they can actually turn into very beautiful moments of destruction like popping a 6-foot long water balloon and exploding vials of paint. There is no beauty in vomiting milk. It’s even more disgusting at 15,000 frames per second than it is at 18 frames per second.  Watch it if you must but definitely not while you’re eating…

Personally, the worst part is the end when all the contents of your stomach just start dribbling out of whatever orifice it can find as a means of escape. It looks like he’s one of those androids from Alien because we’re sure both are going to show up in our dreams later tonight.

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