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Ohio State’s Band Director Fired Over Sexual Hazing Culture [VIDEO]


jonathan waters

Ohio State band director Jonathan Waters lost his job after an investigation revealed that his students ran a weird series of sexually driven hazing rituals.

Waters officially received his walking papers earlier today after a two-month investigation stemming from a complaint by one of the student’s parents uncovered a bizarre pattern of hazing and sexual harassment. One of the strangest involved a midnight band practice in which all members of the marching band were required to show up wearing just their underwear and perform their routines. During one of these practices, a student had to be treated for alcohol poisoning–and even though Waters did not lead the practice, the investigation found he was present and aware of the practice requirement.

The band’s “rookies” were also required to mimic sexual acts on other students as part of their initiation. The older students ordered the new recruits to perform certain “tricks” on command during practices and parties or on road trips. One of the female “rookies” was ordered to imitate just such an act on the lap of their own brother. Those are just the most jarring of the bunch and there are plenty of other examples that stacked the deck against the band director’s future employment. You can read the full report on the Columbus Dispatch’s website.

Ohio State hired Waters in 2012 following an impressive halftime marching performance at a Buckeyes home game in which the band paid tribute to the history of video games. The band’s performance went viral and earned Waters a full time promotion to band director…

We’re shocked that marching band members were even capable of such behavior. Are we sure that the investigator didn’t mix up their paperwork from their investigation on a college football team or drunken fraternity or something?

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