Here's How A 23-Foot Long Python Gets Its Yearly Physical [VIDEO]

Our doctor says that our python is so big that it requires a special yearly physical all on its own. In a similar case, there’s the amiably-named J.F., who’s a 23-foot-long reticulated python at the Chester Zoo in the UK. This fine female requires some unique medical help, too. You’re about to see her get an ultrasound scan of her heart. That’s partly for her own good, but it’s also research into the human heart. We’re not sure what snake hearts and human hearts have in common, but keep in mind that J.F. is a girl, so that might explain a few things.
One fun fact: J.F.’s heart will expand based on what she’s eating. There’s a serious metaphor. Human hearts only expand when there’s some kind of serious medical problem. We’re pretty sure that means falling in love. Anyway, this is some pretty amazing video, and kind of makes us wish that we had gone to veterinary school. On the other hand, we’re kind of proud that we proved Tyler Durden was bluffing. He never came back for us…

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