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We Didn’t Know The Legends Football League Got This Grim [VIDEO]


You might think that the Legends Football League is just about beautiful babes playing football in skimpy outfits. There’s a good reason for that. It’s fun to think of beautiful babes playing football in skimpy outfits. But sometimes the LFL is less fun. Especially if you’re playing in the Green Bay Chill and there are rumors that you might be the next league franchise to be shut down, and then you have head coach (and Super Bowl champion) Gilbert Brown laying down the law really hard at halftime.

Maybe this is all just a reminder that the Legends Football League is supposed to be like a reality show. It’s just weird to watch what looks like an outtake from Any Given Sunday with an all-girl cast. Yeah, it’s not the locker room footage that you wanted from an all-gal football team, but we don’t think the ladies were too thrilled about it, either…

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