Even The Players Want EA to Release Another NCAA Football Game

EA Sports ran into some trouble with their NCAA Football franchise because of lawsuits and good ol’ fashioned stubbornness on either side and that means we didn’t get a NCAA Football title for the upcoming season. Apparently, the players on the field are disappointed as well.
Georgia Tech‘s Shaquille Mason told reporters that the one thing he would change about college sports had nothing to do with whether or not players get paid for playing the game. He said he wished that EA Sports would “give us the NCAA Football 15,” according to CBS Sports. He told reporters that he and his teammates used to spend a lot of their downtime playing the game and they always got a kick out of being in a video game. It even became a motivator for them as they worked in training camp. The fact that EA Sports never got around to releasing another one “was a blow.”
Of course, there was some legal trouble that contributed to the game’s massive delay involving a lawsuit in which former players claim that EA Sports owed them money for using their likenesses in their games. The case was settled when EA revealed that the company wanted to pay the players but the stubborn NCAA told them they couldn’t give them money because it would violate their outdated bylaws about players not profiting off of the game that the NCAA makes billions of dollars from with each and every season. So we’re sure that the players are eager to see a new game for more than just being able to play a digital form of themselves. They’ll also finally get paid something.

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