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“Space Station 76” Trailer: 70s Sci-Fi Spoof, No Will Ferrell [VIDEO]


Space Station 76

If you’re familiar with bad ’70s sci-fi entertainment, then you’re going to be very impressed by the detail in the upcoming comedy Space Station 76. If you don’t know your bad ’70s sci-fi (like, for example, Space 1999), then you’ll still probably get a kick out of Space Station 76. The movie takes place in plenty of cheap sets with wacky futuristic¬†furniture¬†and crumpled tin foil all over the walls.

You also get Patrick Wilson continuing his bizarre career, as the guy goes from respected actor to horror movies to doing a Will Ferrell impersonation throughout this trailer. We’d say that Space Station 76 would be a big summer movie if it actually starred Ferrell, but maybe Land of the Lost put an end to that notion. Anyway, check out this weird indie film that’s full of high camp and some strangely sexy moments. It’s kind of baffling to think that this might actually end up playing in movie theaters, though…

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