45 Most Awesome News and Sports Videobomb GIFs of All-Time

There was a time when people would run up behind a television reporter and shout, “Hi, mom!” Now that’s strictly amateur hour. There’s a lot more competition when it comes to videobombing a live feed from a news or sports reporter. Dedicated pranksters are seeking a magical moment that goes past being a jerk and turns their antics into the magic of viral video.

Well, that can still involve being a jerk. There are lots of times where it still involves being a drunken jerk. That’s okay, though. We’re ready to forgive anything if it provides a timeless moment that needs to be preserved via gifs. We’re kind of excited to have 45 different examples of folks who decided that it wasn’t enough to be a mere bystander in the wake of events. They stepped up and made themselves part of the action.

Take a look for yourself, and remember that you get bonus points if you’re not being brilliantly stupid while the reporter is covering a tragedy. We’re not saying that we’ve made that miscalculation, but…yeah, don’t do that. Instead, do all this…

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