Another Idiot Takes A Swim While Talking On A Cell Phone [VIDEO]

Cell Phone Lady Goes Into Water

This may not be as dramatic as using a cell phone and walking off a pier, but we still love seeing this dopey dame strolling along and checking her phone and landing right in a pool. For maximum pleasure,┬áit’s more like a shallow pond, and she still stumbles around until her cell phone (and herself) gets totally soaked. More of this, please. It’s like when we’re trying to negotiate Midtown with sidewalks full of dolts inching along while staring at their screens on a Manhattan sidewalk, and our fantasy of the ground opening up to swallow them actually happens.

Of course, we’ll admit that the water looks more like a big blue carpet, but that’s because we’re watching low-quality video footage. The water must have looked a lot more like water in real life. This cretin didn’t notice, though. Anyway, the video might be low-quality, but we’re still getting some high-quality satisfaction…

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