Germany Won The World Cup Because of David Hasselhoff [VIDEO]

David Hasselhoff World Cup Germany Video

We used to think that David Hasselhoff’s crowning achievement would be his really underrated turn in the title role of 1998’s Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD–but now it looks like The Hoff can let Samuel. L. Jackson have that glory. David Hasselhoff is too busy just enjoying his bizarre international celebrity. That includes his continuing devotion to Germany, which made Mr. Hasselhoff a pop star back when Knight Rider was still on the air.

America didn’t embrace The Hoff’s pop career back in the ’80s, so we won’t complain that Hasselhoff is putting all of his mojo behind Germany’s fortunes in the World Cup. Check out a riveting rock track that also reveals the pre-game rituals that helped Germany win the World Cup today. And imagine how much work would’ve gone to wast here if Argentina had won. But, of course, that couldn’t have happened, and this video explains why…

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