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Weird Al Gets “Tacky” In First Of 8 Videos Coming Out This Week [VIDEO]


weird al tacky

“Weird Al” Yankovic kicks off his week-long release of music videos for his (14th!) album Mandatory Fun with a video for Tacky–which, yeah, is a parody of Pharrell Williams’ Happy. 

The song and video are a perfect spoof of Williams’ camera switching style showing different people dancing to the happy tune. However, Al probably didn’t have nearly the budget that Williams did to go around the world and show everyone how happy they are. Instead, he got together a bunch of famous funny people such as Aisha Tyler, Eric Stonestreet, Kristen Schaal and Jack Black to dress up in equally tacky clothes and lip-sync to the camera about how tacky one person can be in life.

Yankovic (who’s really underrated as a director of music videos) also arranged one complete shot for the entire video that doesn’t feature a single jump cut. Keep your eyes peeled for the most tacky item in the video: Pharrell Williams’ infamous hat.

Tacky isn’t just a great song and an ingenious video parody. It’s a song that Al was destined to sing after spending a career trying to make a fashion statement with Hawaiian shirts and checkered Vans shoes. Check out the video below…

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