Pharrell Williams’ Hat Still the Biggest Thing About Grammys [VIDEO]

Last night’s Grammy Awards were full of memorable moments including an absolutely epic live performance of Daft Punk’s big summer hit Get Lucky that included Pharrell Williams and Stevie Wonder. However, something much bigger managed to overshadow even that epic moment: Pharrell Williams’ hat.

Williams showed up for the Grammy Awards in what can only be described as a huge, park ranger style hat that quickly became an Internet meme after some folks on Twitter got a hold of a picture of it. It started with its own Twitter feed @Pharrellhat and just took off from there. It quickly became the highest Grammy related trending topic on Twitter. Then it turned into a series of Photoshopped memes as Twitter users used Pharrell’s massive hat to turn him into the Man in the Yellow Hat fromĀ Curious George, Woody from Toy Story and a close, personal friend of Smokey the Bear.

Of course, awards shows always have more than a couple of celebrities who show up in outfits and fashion styles that were only designed to get bewildered looks from anyone who sees them like Bjork’s infamous swan dress, Traci Bingham’s rhinestone outfit and Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s, um, dresses. Williams, however, is a bit of a hat aficionado. He must have a huge collection of noggin covers to choose from and this was the one he took to the Grammys. Then again, if we made the kind of money that Williams does, our hat would be a giant neon billboard advertising that fact to anyone who looked at it.

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