Comic T.J. Miller Derailed A Morning Talk Show This Week [VIDEO]

There aren’t any Saturday Night Live highlight clips to consider for a while–but check out how comedian T.J. Miller went on an Omaha, Nebraska morning talk show this week and kind of destroyed the place.

Anchor Mike DiGiacomo opens the segment with a description of Miller’s performance in the movie Yogi Bear from an angry movie critic as, “dumb but not in a funny way”–and that seemed to light a fire under the comic. From that moment on, he has anchor Mary Nelson hyperventilating with laughter and DiGiacomo looking like a pilot who just came back from the bathroom to find that someone else had taken over the controls of the plane while he was taking a leak.

There’s nothing new about his schtick about replacing the “spit take” with the “dribble take”–but after that opening, Miller works chunks of his act seamlessly into the conversation. He even manages to get a big laugh talking about his near fatal seizure and subsequent brain surgery. It’s safe to say that whoever called him “dumb but not in a funny way” should write a heartfelt apology letter after watching this clip…

Miller may have been doing this just to survive the endless torture of another insipid morning show interview. We’re still thinking that he should be now on every talk show. In fact, we think he should have his own talk show if he can stay this keyed-up every night. We hear there’s an opening at CBS.

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