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Kid Gets Epic Selfie With Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett [PIC]


Paul McCartney Warren Buffett Omaha

Those slippery Illuminati are on the move in Omaha, Nebraska, where baffled residents are reporting sightings of Sir Paul McCartney and millionaire investor Warren Buffett hanging out in town. But let’s leave it to an ace investigative reporter to actually get a shot of himself with those shadowy world figures. Well, actually, it’s just some cool kid who ran up and snapped a shot with (a seemingly amused) Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett in the background.

We’re pretty sure this photo is the real thing–but it’s hard to believe that Sir Paul and Warren let the kid live after being caught in their nefarious travels while they plot world domination. Maybe it’s all a big distraction. We are not sure–but we know that something’s happening, and we don’t like it. But we like this kid.

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