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Georgia Gwinnett College’s Road Sign is Misspelled


georgia gwinnett college sign

A road sign that points drivers to the location of George Gwinnett College actually points them out to another college called “Georgia Gwinett College.”

Local affiliate discovered that the big green road sign pointing people to the school in Lawrenceville has a typographical error in it. The “Gwinett” in the sign is actually spelled “Gwinnett.” The sign was just put up as part of a new highway exit construction project that cost more than $50 million to build. Apparently, there wasn’t enough in the sign design budget to pay for a proofreader.

A spokesperson for the state’s Department of Transportation acknowledged the missing “N” in the sign as a “human error” and also pointed out this isn’t the only misspelled sign directing people to the local college. They said measures are being taken to correct the spelling error by either re-lettering the sign or replacing it entirely with a brand new sign. They also assured the taxpayers that the sign won’t cost extra money to fix because they can recycle the old signs and use them to misspell other Georgia landmarks such as the famous Dixie Cocoa-Cola Bottling Plant, the Govornor’s Mansion and the famous Sanford & Son Stadium.

Is it possible to deduct grade points from a whole government agency? There must have been more than a few people who approved the design and construction of these signs. I’m not sure what it takes to become a road sign engineer but I imagine that there must be some kind of spelling test involved in the application process.

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