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Watch Kanye West Get Booed (Again) In England [VIDEO]


Kanye West Wireless Boo

Kanye West headed off to England to celebrate the Fourth of July at the UK’s Wireless Festival, where he spent two nights learning that English people aren’t so polite that they’re going to put up with 20 minutes of ranting. Kanye was a quick replacement for Drake–and, yeah, it seems that everyone would’ve preferred Drake to a rapper who decides to halt a show so he can tell the audience a little about his misunderstood¬†self.

‘I’m very shy in real life,” explained Kanye to the crowd, “because I’m too shy to put out some bull$%!+. Sometimes it’s hard, because I’m too shy to carry off a lot. I’m arrogant and shy and a little bit lazy. I’m too shy to lie to anybody and I’m too arrogant to make myself lie to anyone because lies take too much work.”

Ranting, however, sure comes easy to Kanye, since he had a lot more to say about his incredible honesty. The crowd was just as honest in showing their discontent for the headliner who–once again–performed in a mask because the music is what’s really important. But not as important as the ranting. Anyway, it’s really fun to watch a crowd boo Kanye over and over. Check it out for yourself…

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