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Holiday Warning: Don’t Bang Your Head To Too Much Motorhead [VIDEO]



The hard rocking sounds of the legendary metal group Motorhead are so hard that doctors had to an issue an official warning against the band.

We don’t mean that doctors issued a warning to those who listen to “the type” of music that bands like Motorhead play. We mean they issued a specific warning against the band Motorhead fronted by singer and guitarist Lemmy Kilmister. The warning came from Germany where a 50-year-old man went to his doctor complaining of headaches following a concert in Paris. Doctors at the Hanover Medical School did a scan of his brain and found a chronic subdural haematoma. The man had keyhole surgery and was released after a week in the hospital.

The doctors were so concerned about the effects that the band’s head banging music could produce that they issued an official warning to fans of the group. They claim that there are other cases directly related to listening to Motorhead and even though the number may be small, there could be more of them because “the symptoms of this type of brain injury are often clinically silent or cause only mild headache that resolves spontaneously.” Dr. Ariyan Pirayesh Islamian issued the most badass diagnosis in the history of medicine that Motorhead is “one of the most hardcore rock ‘n roll acts on Earth.” We agree. Just look at all the head banging going at this Motothead concert…

This has to be the biggest honor that any heavy metal or even rock band can ever receive. It’s really the first time that a band has become a public health issue since the last time that Oasis’ Liam Gallagher went on tour.

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