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Tour de France Winner Gets Rejected By Model On Winner’s Stand [GIF]


Tour de France Winnner Vicenzo Nibali Rejection

In addition to everything else going on during the 4th of July weekend, an Italian cyclist named Vicenzo Nibali got himself a nifty yellow outfit after winning the 2nd Stage of the Tour de France yesterday. He won it by an impressive length, too. Things were a little less impressive when the winner took the podium, though.

Nibali was presented with his yellow ribbon and yellow flowers by two hot models in yellow dresses, and the Astana team hero gave a kiss to one of the ladies. That went pretty well, so Nibali went in for Model #2 and was shut down so quickly that skidmarks were probably somehow involved. We’re pretty sure that an Italian bicyclist who’d just made an impressive performance in the Tour de France still managed to get lucky later that night. For now, though, enjoy the sight of a winner who still didn’t land it all…

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