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Wild Boar Attacks News Crew Like A Damn Honey Badger [VIDEO]


Wild Boar Attacks News Crew

The COED staff doesn’t get out to the country very often, so we’ve never really thought of a wild boar as some kind of threat. We mostly just thought a wild boar was like a pig with bad hygiene. But as you can see in this phenomenal footage, a wild boar is actually a really tough beast who thinks nothing of running right up to adults and knocking them down and then trying to take a chunk out of their leg like it’s a World Cup game or something.

Damn, nature, you remain scary–and we’re going to hope that wild boars aren’t running around too many paved areas. We’re pretty sure that this footage is out of Japan, and we’re not sure where the brave news crew was actually hanging out–but this all pretty disturbing to us. It’s kind of like that news footage at the start of Zack Snyder’s remake of Dawn of the Dead….

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