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Creepy Japanese Robots Mean The Future Isn’t Here Yet [VIDEO]



Japanese Robot Video

One of Japan’s biggest industries is making robots that creep the hell out of people. Their latest creation involves a creepy robot that can read the news.

Scientists in Japan actually unveiled two new robots as part of their “Kodomoroid” project. They were designed to read and present news copy just as well as their human counterparts that they are secretly planning to overtake and replace with blank versions just like the ink filled robots in The World’s End. The scientists claim that they were designed to mimic the movements and expressions of humans but their computer-like voices and blank stares just creep us the f#*$ out instead.

They even claim they were designed to have a sense of humor to match their linguistic skills. We’re sure their favorite joke involves something like “What do you call the entire human race at the bottom of the ocean?”. You can see these new robots in action but we must warn you that we will not be held responsible for the psychological trauma they are sure to cause…

This scares us for several reasons. First of all, just imagine that a tornado, a hurricane or some other natural disaster is headed your way and one of these robots pops up on the screen and starts yelling at you to seek shelter. Not only would you be in danger of losing everything you own and possibly your life but you’d also have to do it with a set of wet pants. Secondly, we’re even more scared if this is how the sex robots we’ve been promised we’ll have someday will look and sound. Celibacy suddenly doesn’t seem so bad now.

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