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Pearl Jam Covered “Let It Go” This Weekend, As Required By Law [VIDEO]


Pearl Jam played Italy this weekend, and we’re going to assume the country has just gone ahead and made it a law that everyone has to cover “Let It Go” from Frozen, since the band managed to work the song’s chorus while performing “Daughter” on Friday night. “Daughter” is off the Vs. album, and that’s a pretty smart place to drop in a snippet of the song that’s beloved by everyone’s daughter out there. We know that frontman Eddie Vedder has two daughters, and one of them is five years old, so there’s also some chance that this big idea wasn’t dictated by local laws.

We’re also going to assume that Vedder’s younger daughter wasn’t at the show, so it’s a good thing that people took videos. Here’s one that’s just a quick snippet that covered the “Let It Go” moment, and the other is the full performance–both of which probably don’t reflect the audio quality of the actual concert…

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