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Newlywed Turns Honeymoon Footage Into Horror Movie Trailer [VIDEO]


Honeymoon Video Horror Movie Trailer

We’ll leave it to the marriage counselor to decide what this honeymoon video actually means–but we’re plenty entertained by newly wed Cory Knopes taking his honeymoon video footage and turning it into a horror movie trailer. We might not be able to say the same for the new Mrs. Knopes–who was once known as Anna Ghirardelli before marrying her husband and wandering into the wilds of Northern California.

It also looks like Mrs. Knopes has wandered into the wilds of uncharted marital territory. We’re figuring that she must have a pretty good sense of humor about the whole thing. At least, she hasn’t made the papers with a real life bloodbath yet. At the very least, this honeymoon footage is a good remedy to all those wisenheimers who keep taking old movie trailers and changing the genres: “Hey, it’s Police Academy remade as a French art film!” Yeah–but this guy’s really risking his life with this footage…

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