Workout Video Improved With Treadmill Fall [VIDEO]

This could’ve been just another boring interview about getting an effective workout–but the video becomes instant entertainment as an eager exerciser in the background does a full face plant on a treadmill.
The video starts out just like any ordinary instructional workout video. Two guys who looks like they spend most of their time living, breathing and sleeping in a gym are standing in (surprise!) a gym talking about how much better they are at working out than you. Then, something magical happens. It becomes entertaining. Someone in the background who’s all ready to pound out his daily five miles jumps on the treadmill while it’s still moving and fails to understand the concept of gravity and the human form in one fell swoop. The treadmill sweeps his feet right out from underneath him and throws him to the ground face first…
The funniest part of the video in our opinion isn’t the fact that a regular exerciser may have injured himself doing something that he thinks is the healthiest thing in the world. That bit of slapstick irony will always be hilarious. It’s the interviewer and the cameraman’s attempt to work around him. A man may have just suffered a serious spinal injury and yet both seem more concerned about finishing the take than checking to see if the poor guy needs an ambulance. So in the end, they’ve done the opposite of what they set out to do in the first place: They have given all of us a reason not to go to the gym ever again. And for that, we thank you.

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