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Black Metal Act Watain Threw Blood On Hipsters & Made Them Cry [VIDEO]


Watain Bucket of Blood Brooklyn

The notorious black metal band Watain played Brooklyn on Sunday night, and pigs’ blood (or maybe just one pig’s blood) was showered upon the audience. Mass vomiting ensued, and that’s our idea of a great Sunday Mass.

The story’s beginning to take off courtesy of the fine folks at TMZ, who picked up some video and are turning the event into a big black metal scandal. That’s fine with us. Black metal thrives on scandal. TMZ’s report is pretty great, and we really do like hearing about Watain’s audience actually getting disgusted and maybe even throwing up when some pig’s blood got thrown into the audience. That’s mostly because we saw Watain in concert a couple of times last year, and they always throw blood out at the audience. Anyone who didn’t see that coming is a total black metal poseur.

At least nobody went crying to the cops or wrote a blog post about Watain not providing trigger warnings. Again, check out TMZ’s fine video, and there’s also footage below of the skull full o’ blood that did the offending..

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