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Miami is Recruiting a 9-Year-Old For Their Basketball Team [VIDEO]


jaden newman

College recruiting is an unnaturally competitive beast–but it just reached a whole new level of competition now that the University of Miami is trying to get a 9-year-old girl to commit to becoming a member of their basketball team.

Jaden Newman may still just be a young’un, but she’s as big of a baller as any player twice her size on the basketball court. The Connecticut native may still be in elementary school but she actually plays varsity high school basketball and she can dribble circles around the bigger kids. She can drive to the basket like a raging bull. She psychs out defenders with her scary fast switches and fakes. She’s got the eye of a sharpshooter when it comes to draining threes from behind the line. She’s become such a hot commodity for her team that she’s currently being courted by the University of Miami’s women’s basketball program. She recently took a tour of the school and the school looks like it’s very close to offering her a spot on the team, even though she’s not even close to starting high school yet. Here’s some footage of her in action…

Newman’s talent comes from her family. She and her older brother Julian trained under their father who has turned out two, pint sized champions. Julian is just a few years older than her but he also plays on a high school basketball team and even became the team’s star point-guard. Both are sure to make a big splash when even more colleges come knocking on their door.

What’s even scarier is how this must be inspiring other parents with dreams of sports stardom in their child’s eyes. It’s as if that famous Mr. Show sketch about basketball recruiters has officially come to life.

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