Jimmy Fallon & Chris Christie: The Evolution of Dad Dancing [VIDEO]

We’re going to assume that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has some top political advisors who told him that his chances for a Presidential run couldn’t possibly be hurt by joining Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show for “The Evolution of Dad Dancing.” That’s kind of fascinating. So let’s just concentrate on how eerily accurate Jimmy & Chris get while recreating the finest moves of suburban dads across America.
Actually, that might be why someone thinks this could only help to make Chris Christie a stronger Presidential candidate. That’s reaching out to a pretty big demographic. Sadly, this version of the Dancing Evolution series ends with the usual schtick where the celebrity guest fakes outrage over an insulting final dance and walks off the stage. In this case, it’s a jab at Christie’s recent Bridgegate scandal. (We’d call it Bridgeaquiddick, but that would be redundant.) Anyway, this is still a pretty fun skit, and might even have lasting political importance…
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3A2IXsB7C0Q]

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