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“Leprechaun: Origins” Introduces Evil Hornswoggle (Kind Of) [VIDEO]


The Leprechaun horror franchise is getting a reboot and if that didn’t sound sweet enough, the WWE’s Hornswoggle is playing the title role.

WWE Films announced two years that the diminuitive wrestler would star in a new Leprechaun movie and the first trailer for Leprechaun Origins hit the web earlier today. It seems to be going in a much different direction than the Leprechaun movies of the recent past that took Warwick Davis’ version of the evil, little imp into outer space and The Hood not once, but twice. This new movie seems to be a serious attempt to take it back to a time when the Leprechaun movies were actually scary and not ridiculously hilarious for all the wrong reasons. Leprechaun Origins gets a video-on-demand release on Aug. 26th and a Blu-ray release on Sept. 30th.

This will be the seventh movie in the series and it will take the story all the way back to the beginning by explaining how the little bugger made his way to America thanks to another group of dim-witted teenagers. It’s actually got a nice, cabin-in-the-woods element to it that the series deserved to have all along. Hell the trailer actually had a couple of good scares in it…

Of course, the interesting part is what Hornswoggle will actually look like the evil, little bastard. Davis’ leprechaun could be menacing at times but Hornswoggle’s leprechaun sounds downright ferocious, even if he can’t bite you past your knees if you’re standing.

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