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There’s a LEPRECHAUN in the WWE Ring! (Yeah, It’s Hornswoggle)


Is anyone surprised that WWE wrestler Hornswoggle beat out the competition to take over the Leprechaun film franchise? Fans of LeprechaunLeprechaun 2Leprechaun 3Leprechaun 4: In Space, and Leprechaun in the Hood (not to mention Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood) will be saying goodbye to Warwick Davis–currently starring in his own HBO show–and hello to a new greedy green slasher of hot young teens. Get your hands on Hornswoggle’s gold, and you might suffer worse than a typically grisly death. The new breed of victims might end up on the wrong end of a punishing piledriver. Don’t expect a lot of changes to the Leprechaun legend, though. Hornswoggle already shares the Leprechaun’s love of hot babes and maybe a little doobie–as seen when the tiny titan partied down with some WWE divas and Snoop Dogg:

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