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The “Clone High” Creators Want To Do a Movie [VIDEO]


Clone High

The creators of MTV’s Clone Highone of TV’s most underrated animated comedies, want to make a big comeback by doing a feature length version of their twisted cartoon creation.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller are two of Hollywood’s biggest names right now because of the insane success of The LEGO Movie but back in the early 2000’s, they were just starting out and struggling to keep Clone High on the air for a whole season. Now that they have their choice of projects, they talked about bringing Clone High out of obscurity by turning it into a movie.

Lord and Miller mentioned in an interview that they’d love to return to Clone High, the story of a high school attended entirely by teenage versions of great figures from history that fit all the high school archetypes like Abe Lincoln as the lanky, awkward kid, Cleopatra as the school hottie and John F. Kennedy as the popular jack. The challenge is deciding whether they should go out all and do the kind of uncensored comedy they’d like to do or keep the material somewhat softer and aim for a broader PG-13 rating. Check out some of the scenes below from the show’s season long history and decide for yourself which way they should go…

We’ve got a feeling that going balls out and doing something with the potential for an R-rating is a better bet. Sure you can’t pull in a younger audience but it’s not a show for the younger generation because they won’t remember it. Plus, they’ve got a chance to make whatever they want with no one to tell them what to do. Imagine how good the new Blue Mountain State movie that’s being funded on Kickstarter will be when they don’t have basic cable sponsors breathing down their necks over every tiny frame of film.

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