Funny or Die Gives Us a New “Reading Rainbow” Theme Song [VIDEO]

Now that Reading Rainbow is making a big comeback thanks to the $3 million and counting they’ve raised through Kickstarter, the show is going to need a new theme song and Funny or Die wrote one for them.

Of course, it’s not that different the iconic theme song that most of us grew up watching on our local PBS affiliate and it also features the show’s famous host LeVar Burton. It’s also still got that retro 80’s synthesizer opening and the booming female vocal reminding you that you can do anything or go anywhere all thanks to the power of books. By that logic, that means books are powerful enough to transform you into a powerful god that can control every aspect of time and space and even life itself. We knew that books were magical but we never knew they could turn you into Thor! We wouldn’t have sold back all of our textbooks. No wonder they cost so much!

We’re sincerely glad that Burton was able to raise all that money for his new Reading Rainbow project and we hope he raises a ton more thanks to viral videos like this one. If he really wanted to blow the lid off of his fundraising campaign, he could promise to make this version of the show’s theme the new official theme for Reading Rainbow. We also happen to think that he could convince a lot more kids that reading is cool if they know that books are catalysts for god-like powers. They would not only learn that books and reading are important but they would also learn another important, hard lesson about life and the inevitability of disappointment.

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