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Slenderman: The Story Behind The Now-Deadly Internet Creation [VIDEOS]



Today in news of “OMG WTF,” we have the absolutely insane and tragic stabbing of a 12-year-old girl in Wisconsin by two of her best friends–all in order to please the mythological creature called, “Slenderman.” The girl was stabbed 19 times, and somehow lived through the horrible incident.  [photo via…]

Both girls involved in the stabbing were charged as adults, and each face up to 60 years in prison if convicted. Apparently the girls had been planning to kill their friend for months before making the attempt on Saturday morning in a park. They were trying to kill their friend so that they could become followers of ‘Slenderman’ and live with him in his mansion in the Nicolet National Forest. One of the girls said that she sees the creature in her dreams. After the stabbing occurred, the poor girl stumbled away from her “friends” and was found lying on the street by a bicyclist. She was rushed into surgery.

Which is totally baffling to internet geeks (like us) who’ve followed the rise of Slenderman as a fictional character. In fact, he originated as a meme in 2009. A lot of people embraced the tall, faceless man wearing a black suit–and now we have no idea what to do with Slenderman after this very strange twist on the legend.

It’s probably a good idea to dwell on the fictional, though. The picture above is from an amazing Slenderman vs. Ghost Pokemon story. You can also check out the following fan-made videos below (if we can still use the term “fan”)–and then marvel at the trailer for 2012’s The Tall Man, which brought in Jessica Biel for a movie based on Slenderman. That’s the completely fictional Slenderman, people….


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