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25 Extremely Awkward and Unintentional Sexual Shadows [PHOTOS]


There’s a long history of shadows being used in classical theater and early magic tricks–but there’s nothing more classically comic than shadows magically creating a dirty joke out of nothingness. Check out these magical moments right here, and ponder how often the shadow knows exactly what these guys (or girls) are thinking.

You’ll find a few other things to ponder here, too–like, did some wise-guy architect knowingly¬†design a wall that cast a shadow of perfect penises? That’s a gift that’ll keep on giving through the centuries. You’ll also spend a few hours wondering what kind of universe we live in where shadows can get so playful between a lady’s thighs.

You’ll want to look carefully, or else you’ll think we’re playing some kind of practical joke here. Instead, it’s just Mother Nature’s own way of telling a funny joke. Mother Nature seems to think that penises are particularly funny…

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