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The Smug Side of The Scrippps Spelling Bee: Confident Kid Fail [VIDEO]



Sure, there’s the happy (more Indian) side of the Spelling Bee, where the contestants impress the judges with their incredible spelling abilities-but then you always have the occasional huge mishap on National Television. Now we’re hoping that it’s no longer too soon to enjoy the smug side. This poor kid Jacob Williamson┬áreally got shafted while trying to spell “kabaragoya,” which is a type of lizard. Yes-we looked that up.

The funniest part of the video is how incredibly happy and confident Williamson is going into spelling the word. “I know that one,” he exclaims. Sadly-from the get-go-Williamson started with the letter, “C.” It’s okay, Jacob, there’s always next year…or a career in television because we think this kid is quite the entertainer…

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