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Staind’s Lead Singer Delivers Rare Right-On Concert Rant [VIDEO]


We didn’t think that we’d wake up this morning praising Staind lead vocalist Aaron Johnson–but check out this amazing video from this weekend’s 98 Rockfest 2014 in Kansas City. We guess that it was just another big summer outdoor show for the metal band, but things took a turn for the epic when Johnson wrapped up a song and then began to yell at the audience.

Now, you’d usually think this was setting up a video where some faded rock star was having a temper tantrum over the wrong kind of bottled water being backstage. Not this time, folks. Aaron Johnson had seen some bad behavior in the front row of the show, and called it out–amazingly enough, while remembering to address the rest of his audience as good guys. Check out the rare concert footage that’ll actually make you feel good about the spirit of outdoor festivals. You’ll feel pretty good about Staind.

You might want to turn the volume down, though. Aaron Johnson doesn’t like people acting inappropriately around young ladies, but he sure doesn’t mind cursing in front of them…

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