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Family Dollar Parking Lot Fight Is Comically White Trash [VIDEO]



This video filmed in a Family Dollar parking lot is better than 99% of what you’d see on People of Walmart. Let me give you some quick background so I can set the scene for you. The guy in red apparently caught a customer trying to steal a can of air freshener. Somewhere along the way, one of the younger women yelled at her mother (driver’s seat) and the Family Dollar employee began airing his grievances about how they’re not doing a good job raising their child.

Cue the scene.

Here are just a few of my favorite highlights:

• Family Dollar Employee jumping up and down and stamping his feet like he’s been holding his breath for three minutes.

• Family Dollar Employee exclaiming that he’s pregnant too.

• The delayed reaction of the Zubaz shirt/pants woman after realizing she might have a lawsuit on her hands. The NBA would fine her Lance Stephenson type numbers with that kind of flop. “I CAN’T SEE. I CAN’T SEE. I CAN’T SEE.”

• The pronunciation of po-lice at 1:05.

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