50 People of Walmart! To Celebrate 50 Years of Walmart Shopping!

It’s an important day in American history, as we mark the 50th anniversary of the first Walmart store opening on the hallowed ground of Rogers, Arkansas. The place was called Wal-Mart back then, before enjoying a brief stint as Wal*Mart. Today, of course, the chain boasts the iconic power of being simply Walmart. It only took five years before Sam Walton’s empire had 24 stores across Arkansas with sales of over $12 million. Walmart has since grown into one of America’s most hated and beloved institutions–usually for the same reasons.

That weirdness is best summed up by the infamous People of Walmart website. They’ve done an incredible job of documenting the strangeness that is both Walmart and America itself.┬áMaybe you look at these pics and see laughable people. So do we–but sometimes, we also see great American eccentrics. After all, a 24-hour Walmart is the only refuge for small town crossdressers who want to parade in their frilliest outfit in relative privacy at 3 am. The stores seem to be a place where any American is free to let their freak flag fly. Or maybe these people are just obliviously weird. Judge for yourself, as you enjoy these 50 pics that are only a slice of the powerful images that are the People of Walmart

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