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Crazy Man Throws Rocks At Lamborghini Aventador For Racing [VIDEO]


I can’t figure out who’s the bigger jerk in this video: the Lamborghini Aventador driver dangerously racing down the street or the violent hippie who thinks it’s a fair to throw a rock at the car. Obviously this person driving recklessly deserves to be punished, but damaging a man’s car is just on the list of things you don’t do.

In the words of Vincent Vega, “What’s more chickensh*t than f*cking with a man’s automobile? Don’t fuck with another man’s vehicle. It’s against the rules.” Even the sound of a Lamborghini window shattering sounds more expensive than it would on another car. It’s a $400K car, so windows are probably $2K. 

Also, is that guy carrying rocks in his pocket? It looks like he reaches into his pants and throws something else.

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