Two High School Students Finally Give Us a Better Ketchup Cap

Two enterprising high school students came up with a design for a new bottle cap that could revolutionize the way people squirt ketchup on their favorite meat products.
Every burger and hot dog lover knows the pain of squeezing out a giant helping of red, delicious ketchup only to find that the first pour just shoots out a big, watery mess. The classic glass bottles may have gotten the ketchup stuck in the bottle but at least you could be sure that ketchup would be coming out of it once the feeling returned to your wrist from shaking it so hard.
So two high school seniors–Tyler Richards and Jonathan Thompson of┬áLiberty, Missouri–decided that if the Heinz and Hunts corporation wouldn’t fix this problem, they would. They designed and manufactured a ketchup cap that separates the water from the ketchup and ensures that you’re not biting into a soggy, gross slice of wet bread. We really can’t explain the mechanical properties of the device because if we could, we’d be getting rich off of it ourselves instead of writing about it. So we’ll just let Tyler and Jonathan explain it for us instead.
It’s amazing what a couple of high school kids can do when they put their minds to it–and they actually have stuff like a 3D printer and software that lets them engineer a new product. Now if they could just make the ketchup bottle “drunk proof” so that the ketchup actually goes on the burger as if it’s magnetized to hot beef, then you’d be looking at the Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak of condiments.

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