Sean Combs Gives Commencement Speech About Sean Combs [VIDEO]

Sean Combs–aka Puff Daddy, aka P-Diddy, aka other things–gave the commencement speech at Howard University over the weekend. He mostly addressed the students about himself (#DiddySpeechHU, folks) while accepting his honorary degree in Humanities. Combs also managed a Kim Jung-on impersonation by posting the following–headlined “Dr. Combs Speakes”–about said speechApple-style-span”> on the website of Diddy’s cable network Revolt…
Today, a new verse is written in the history books as REVOLT Chairman Sean Combs continues to break down barriers and glass ceilings by delivering the commencement speech at Howard University, a rare honor bestowed upon only the most imaginative and informative thinkers of our time. 
Combs, a former Howard University student, has proven over the course of his illustrious career, in the music industry and beyond, that there is no formula for success–no amount of education or luck could help you achieve your dreams, but by remaining persistent and putting in the work, you can set yourself up to realize your goals. 
Mature enough to look back on his journey with a steady mind and spirit, and young enough to appeal to those aspiring innovators in the crowd who will soon go on to change the world in their own ways, Mr. Combs is an ideal candidate for Howard’s commencement speaker, and will no doubt infuse the ceremony with an inspiring, motivating address. 
Yeah. Well, judge for yourself in a speech that will certainly inform you a lot about Sean Combs and Biggie Smalls…

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