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Dueling Ray Romanos Sing on “The Pete Holmes Show” [VIDEO]


romano sings

For years, comedian Pete Holmes has done a pitch perfect impression of Everybody Loves Raymond star and stand-up comedian Ray Romano. More specifically, Pete Holmes has been impersonating Ray Romano making an attempt at a song career. Of course, we mean “pitch perfect” in the sense that he’s singing at the most perfect pitch that a man with the voice of a mangled Muppet can sing. He recently got the chance to do the bit with the real Ray Romano.

Holmes first did his “Romano Sings” bit as part of his online short film series Front Page Films. He recently revived it for his late night TBS show The Pete Holmes Show¬†and he just couldn’t resist the chance to do the sketch again as a series of ear-piercing duets with the actual Romano. The real Ray seemed to be in on the joke and tried his best to sing the songs thrown in front of him. However, when you hear the two voices together, you’ll realize that the real Romano actually doesn’t sound as goofy as Holmes make him to be. The results may still make stray cats in heat wander up to your window but it’s still hilarious. If you’re allergic to pet hair though, you might want to put on a pair of headphones.

Holmes and his writers really have carved an interesting slice out of the late night landscape. Fellow TBS host Conan O’Brien gave Holmes the freedom to do whatever kind of late night he wanted to and he’s managed to build a very strong audience with it just by creating some very clever sketches and segments that speak to a whole new audience of late night viewers like “Ex-Men” and “Street Fighter Red Tape.” If you haven’t been watching the show, you are really missing out on something unique and special and when it comes to late night, that’s actually saying something.

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