Werewolf Robs a Forever 21 Store in Orlando [VIDEO]

A man who appeared to be dressed a little too early for Halloween held up a clothing store in Florida while wearing a scary werewolf mask.
Orlando police arrested and charged Joshua Hughes with a first-degree felony charge of robbery for holding up a Forever 21 store in an outlet mall. Police said he entered the store with the mask on his head, produced a weapon, and pointed it at the cashier. He demanded that he give her “big bills only”–and once she gave him the money, the hairy, masked man fled the scene. Employees, however, recognized the man behind the mask as a former assistant manager who was fired sometime before the incident. Police contacted Hughes and he eventually confessed to robbing the store with a pellet gun. He also turned over the gun and mask to police who kept it as evidence. He also “expressed regret and apologized for his actions,” according to police reports. A local news station posted some of the bizarre footage of the robbery captured by the store’s security camera.
[protected-iframe id=”657dcd914a0e09eb1b72efa0b0daf823-3508545-13345960″ info=”http://embed.newsinc.com/Single/iframe.html?WID=1&VID=25887764&freewheel=69016&sitesection=seorlandosentinel&width=600&height=400″ width=”600″ height=”400″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]
This is actually the second time that an ex-employee has been involved with a robbery of this particular store. Back in 2012, another former assistant manager provided two robbers with certain information that helped them commit an armed robbery at the same Forever 21 store in Orlando, Florida. We’d like to imagine that he was wearing a Frankenstein mask at the time of the incident. You know,┬ájust for the sake of synergy.

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