Elon's Festivus 2014 Was One For The College Party Historybooks [PHOTOS + VIDEO]


You’ll have to forgive Elon’s students if they look a little tired today–they just put on one of the craziest parties we’ve ever been to. This past Saturday, two-thousand students and alumni celebrated the 10th Anniversary of Festivus by transforming a patch of grass into a mud-wrestling free-for-all.

I’ll be cleaning dirt out from my ears for the next two weeks.

We pulled together some of our favorite social media photos that were taken this weekend, but you should know that we’re putting together an excellent recap of the insanity with our very own video. In the meantime, though, you need to what one Elon bro captured with his own GoPro. Video above, photos below.

Elon University. Festivus 2014. So college.

**Special thanks to Dean Shapero, Wyatt, and the rest of the Festivus ’14 Committee for showing us a fantastic time.

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